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St. Catherine Philoptochos

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Pandemic Announcements
From Fr Dean
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Wednesday 8 April 2020

Beloved Parishioners in Christ, I pray that my e-mail finds you and your families well, safe and enjoying this beautiful spring day.

Here are some thoughts and suggestions as to how to celebrate Holy Week and Pascha from the safety of your home:

Holy Week at Home (click here)

Celebrate Pascha together as a spiritual family (click here)

“Christ Is Risen” music (click here)

As in the past, Iíll try to provide you with daily reflections throughout Holy Week as well.

Praying that you and your family will have a most joyful, uplifting and peaceful Holy Week and Pascha celebration.

With Love and in Anticipation of our Lordís Resurrection,
+Fr. Dean Kouldukis

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Dear Beloved Parishioners, In anticipation of us not being able to celebrate Pascha Liturgy at the Church, Iíve created a PDF file (click here) with instructions of how we can celebrate Pascha together as a spiritual family.

It appears we may have another month of social distancing and isolation. That being the case, as a friendly reminder, please keep in mind the following:

Have a daily routine to include:
   • prayer
   • the reading of scripture, or any Orthodox Christian book
   • a walk or some form of exercise

Another idea would be to coordinate a weekly Zoom gathering with either family and/or friends as a way to stay connected.

For the purchase of the Paschal candle’s made reference to in the instructions, the web address to the monastery for that purchase is

Iíve also attached the version of Christ is Risen (click here) that we will be singing both in Greek and English.

Further instructions for Holy Week will be forthcoming.

In joyful anticipation of being able to worship together and to see everyone again soon, my love and prayers walk with you all.

In Christ’s Love and in His Service,
†Fr. Dean Kouldukis

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Dear Beloved Parishioners, We are facing an unprecedented time in the history of our country and Church. As a friend stated yesterday, in our lifetime, our country has faced challenges, our Church has faced challenges, but only on the local level. This challenge however is unique because it is global in scale. In response to this global pandemic, our Ecumenical Patriarchate mandated that throughout the world, all liturgical services stop. However, he gave his blessing to those of us in the United States, under his jurisdiction, to continue services, but are restricted to the following: the priest, chanters and one or two altar servers. This proclamation from His All Holiness is in effect until March 31st.

For the faithful, I know this is difficult, and even painful, as our life is the Eucharist. Our Lord established Eucharistic communities to spiritually nourish our souls and bodies and to support us in our faith journey. As the Lord himself says, “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me and I in him.” (St. John 6:54) Therefore, the decision to restrict the faithful from the Holy and Divine Services is a difficult one. As His All Holiness stated in His address to us, “We are entering a spiritual desert that we may enter the promised land.”

We do have Saints of the Church who received the Eucharist only once in their lives. Take for example St. Mary of Egypt whom we commemorate on the fifth Sunday of Great Lent. St. Mary received the Eucharist only once in forty-seven years! She spent the first seventeen of those forty-seven years in the desert struggling with her passions and received the Eucharist only before her falling asleep in our Lord. Certainly, she is the exception in the life of the Church. She was not able to receive because there was not a Church in the desert where she lived. Yet, while alone in the desert she nurtured her faith through prayer and fasting until she was able to receive the very Body and Blood of our Lord before entering the promised land of God’s kingdom.

Our situation is certainly different, and yet, similar. Our faithful are not able to attend the services at this time, and so, we are invited to enter the desert of St. Mary of Egypt. With this in mind, I share with you the below guidelines, as we walk in that desert, that we too may reach that promised land with a joyful and grateful heart.

Assumption COVID-19 Guidelines

Regarding your Spiritual Life
• Spend time in prayer daily
• Maintain the Lenten Fast
• Read scripture and/or a spiritually uplifting book

Throughout this time
• Establish a daily routine
• Enjoy a walk or some form of exercise daily
• Use the phone, Skype or Zoom to reach out to parishioners, to family and friends

Regarding Church Services
• Services will be restricted to the Priest, two chanters and two altar servers
• The priest will make the assignments of who will assist at each service
• The services will be streamed on-line for your viewing

We are in the process of setting up an electronic platform where our book study and some ministries can continue. Meetings will be conducted by conference call and or other electronic means. Further information will be forthcoming including the address for the streaming of our services.

Please let us know if you have any questions and know that my love and prayers walk with you and your family always.

Finally, please remember, that this journey into the desert is temporary. Soon the clouds will lift, and the sun will shine again. In Christ’s Love and in His Service

† Fr. Dean Kouldukis

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Corona Virus - Parish Letter

By now you are all aware of the impact the Corona Virus has had on our country, city and parish community. The fast pace of the changes necessary to contain this virus is causing much in the way of stress, anxiety and uncertainty about what the future may hold. Please remember, the challenges we are facing as a result of the Corona Virus are only temporary and will pass. While keeping this in mind, the invitation is for us to take this opportunity to learn how to manage stress and anxiety in our lives in a peaceful way, focused on, and being centered in Christ who is our life.

As a friendly reminder, we have asked those parishioners in the high-risk group, those sixty and older, or those who have underlying health conditions, to not attend Liturgy. Given that the Body and Blood of our Lord nourishes us and is a vital part of our spiritual life, I know that this is a painful request. Please remember, this will not last forever and will, with time, pass. I am inviting you to not feel guilty by staying home on Sunday morning. Given the public health problem, as a result of the Corona virus, the decision to not attend Liturgy is also an expression of love for our parish family and surrounding community.

Given our current reality, tending to our spiritual life, daily, becomes even more important. Please remember to pray daily and to keep the fast as we are in Great Lent. Reading scripture or other spiritually uplifting material is also important. The worst thing is to ignore a daily spiritual routine, while at the same time, not attending Liturgy. Not being spiritually connected in any way will only serve to weaken our faith. This is an opportunity to strengthen our faith considering the challenges that are before us.

We are currently working to provide on-line streaming of our services. Please also remember that the online streaming of services is also a temporary preference to attending Liturgy in person because we cannot receive the very life-giving Body and Blood of our Lord, nor can we venerate icons and physically participate in worship, via the internet.

As part of your weekly spiritual routine, do not neglect to make your weekly stewardship offerings. The Church always needs your monetary gifts, but even more so throughout this time as the Bite of Greece, the venue through which we generate revenue in support of our parish, is now in question.

Please see His Eminences's directive for further details. Additional details regarding services here at the Assumption will be forthcoming.

My beloved parishioners, please remember that this is only temporary. With time, this too will become a part of our past. As always, with all challenges, we are invited to use this one as well to strengthen us unto the glory of our Lord.

With Much Love in Christ and in His Service
† Fr. Dean

13 March 2020

Dear Beloved Parishioners,

I’m sure by now you have learned of Governor Inslee’s order regarding the prohibition of gatherings of two hundred and fifty, or more, people. The proclamation from the department of Public Health of King County has, in addition, provided guidelines for the gatherings of two hundred and fifty people or less which we are reviewing and in the process of implementing for our Liturgical services.

As His Eminence has directed us, and, in response to Governor Insleeís proclamation, we are immediately cancelling all non-liturgical events to include; fellowship hour, Church School, Adult Catechism, Bible Study, Monday evenings book study, Men’s Ministry, Philoptochos, etcÖ through March 31st at which time we will re-evaluate and either extend, or lift, the restrictions. All Liturgical services will continue as scheduled.

A more detailed statement regarding the implementation of the requirements of the King County Health Department will be forthcoming. Details for social distancing and the option for the streaming of services will also be included.

Please keep our country, state, parish and all Orthodox Christians in your prayers, as we seek to navigate, with faith and trust in God, this pandemic that has infected not only our country but the world.

With Much Love in Christ and in His Service,

† Fr. Dean Kouldukis, and the Parish Council

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